Member Before
15. 08. 2016
15. 08. 2016
Participants 350,- € 400,- €
Accompanying person 250,- € 300,- €
Student 240,- € 280,- €
Attendance Without Presentation 350,- € 400,- €
Paper without participants 200,- € 220,- €

Participant and student fee includes: Publishing paper in Conference Book of proceedings, Conference Book of proceedings, lunches for both days of the conference and Gala dinner. Accompanying person fee includes: lunches for both days of the conference and Gala dinner.


Člen Před
15.08. 2016
15.08. 2016
Účastníci 9 680,- CZK 11 132,- CZK
Doprovod 6 897,- CZK 8 349,- CZK
Studenti 6 680,- CZK 7 790,- CZK
Účast na konferenci bez příspěvku ve sporniku 9 680,-CZK 11 132, CZK
Příspěvek ve sborníku bez
účasti na konf.
5 566,- CZK 6 171,- CZK


Poplatek za účast na konferenci bez příspěvku zahrnuje: Sborník, oběd po oba dva dny konference a gala večeři.

Účastnický a studentský poplatek zahrnuje: publikaci v konferenčním sborníku, sborník, oběd po oba dva dny konference a gala večeři.

Poplatek pro doprovod zahrnuje: oběd po oba dva dny konference a gala večeři.

Poplatek za účast na konferenci bez příspěvku zahrnuje: sborník, oběd po oba dva dny konference a gala večeři.

Uvedený ceník v CZK platí pouze pro občany České republiky a převod musí být proveden v národní měně Koruna (Kč).


Accommodation in Prague TOP HOTEL

Accommodation is paid by the participants. If some participant is interested in TOP HOTEL accommodation the prices on the price listed below are guaranteed. In this case it is necessary to make booking through the booking department with the password: IN-TECH Conference. The accommodation will be paid in the hotel. More about the accommodation:

Guaranteed prices of the rooms:

Top Hotel Prague have guaranteed price of accommodation for participants:

Standard single room: 63 € / night
Standard double room: 70.4 € / night
Superior/Executive single room: 70.4 € / night
Superior/Executive double room: 77.8 € / night

Booking department password: IN-TECH Conference


The application process and acceptance of your publication is carried out in four steps:

1. Registration
The author reported that the work required before submitting the abstract must fill conference registration form.


2. Login abstract

Papers that are proposed for the conference must be based on current research and original authors. Summary of range 200 to 300 words should contain concise and clear information about the proposed work.

Abstracts must be sent using the EasyChair conference management system.

Please do not send notification of abstracts by regular mail, fax or e-mail!

At check-in system EasyChair need to register the selected name and password.

(co-authors should not be register separately in the system because it will be registered by the lead author of the publication in the system). Please remember your username and password for the EasyChair system. The system allows you to monitor developments with your login and abstracts of papers and communication with the organizers.

Poster section

In the case of multiple entries Programming Committee may propose some papers to be presented in the poster section.

If the author wants to present a paper in poster section, please indicate this when submitting the application and abstract.

If the author wants to have only publication of the paper without presentation, please indicate this when submitting the application and abstract.


3.  Acceptance of paper

If your publication is positively evaluated by two independent reviewers, the author will be invited to submit a complete work in required time. Full papers should also be submitted via the EasyChair system.

Full papers must be written according to the instructions for authors, only using a special template for writing publication.

To accept the contribution it is necessary to observe all the above conditions and contribution to create paper in .doc or .docx format. Please type in your article into IN-TECH 2016 template.

Length of paper: max four pages A4. Be careful, because more pages will not be acceptable.


4. Final paper delivery

Send the final version of your paper in .doc or .docx format to following address:



Means of payment for the conference:

Bank transfer

Account holder: TECHTEST, S.R.O.; Na Studánkách 782, 551 01 Jaroměř, CZECH REPUBLIC

Account number: 115-2305950217/0100

IBAN: CZ9701000001152305950217


The address of the bank: Komerční banka, a.s, Náměstí Československé armády 35, 551 01, Jaroměř, CZECH REPUBLIC

Občané České republiky mohou provést platbu na účet v CZK, číslo účtu a bližší informace o platbě získáte na
A copy of the bank transfer must be sent to the In-Tech 2016 organization team to

Bank Charges must be added to the above amount. Payment receipt will be delivered at the conference beginning.

IMPORTANT: In the description of payment please note No. of submission you are paying and “In-Tech 2016 Conference” otherwise it will not be possible to notice your payment.




Your IN-TECH team